About Us

Welcome To Cathedral Of Higher Praise C.O.G.O.P.

… where we encourage your personal Discipleship & Spiritual Growth.

Cathedral of Higher Praise C.O.G.O.P. is made up of various ministries that support being equipped in the Word of God and stands together to accomplish your Spiritual Growth. If your feeling lost, depressed, discouraged, broken, and empty God is able to restore, deliver, and heal you from it all. Cathedral of Higher Praise is a place of refuge.

Here’s A Place Just For You!!!!

… to allow your gifts & talents to be utilized to serve the Lord!

There are many

Groups and Auxiliaries

available where you may learn, grow and express your gifts, talents & abilities to the Glory of God.
  • Mission Department
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Usher Board
  • Youth Department
  • Sunday School and Children’s Church
  • Food Pantry
  • Praise Dance
  • Gospel Choir
  • Youth and Young Adult Choir
  • Praise Team
  • Audio/Visual Department
  • Intercessory Prayer team
  • Public Relations

Come And Give Yourself Away

so that God can get the glory from your life.

By the Word of God

: Preached and Taught in fullness, at home, abroad, local and international, in hedges and highways; training, equipping, mentoring and in any manner in which the Holy Spirit gives direction or freedom, and gives glory to Jesus Christ.

By Worship

: The act of reverence to God including Praise, Thanksgiving, Adoration, and all Graces that glorify and magnify Jesus Christ in both Public and Private; a Godly lifestyle that manifests the same.

By Warfare

: Destroying strongholds and releasing deliverance by developing strong mature healthy spirit filled believers; spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially. Resulting in Total Restoration, Healing, and Deliverance.